Assignment 2: Reflection: Looking Forward: Your Promise to Yourself and to Walden

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Assignment 2: Reflection

Student’s Name Christopher Brown

Institutional Affiliation Walden University

Date 04/10/2017

Assignment 2: Reflection

Admittedly, education is the key to success. This is a phrase that formed a large percentage of the words of encouragement I would get from my parents. Now, its six weeks down the line since I joined the university. Given that it was a period of being inducted into a new system of education, new resources, new teachers and new friend, life has both been smooth and rough. The role of the student will usually be to do everything in their capacity to follow the school rules and take their responsibilities seriously with the aim of moving on swiftly (Zajac, 2010). Before the induction into the university systems, I had made myself promises and had my own goals. Up to now I can gladly rate myself and I do know where to improve on and where to stop. The university is going to be my home for another three and a half months, so I will do everything to fit in and make it a better place than I found it.

Today, an evaluation of what I have been since joining proves to me that I haven’t been the best student that anyone should be. Students have the responsibility to study and the good students will always heed this and always make ample time to study (Laureate International Universities, 2016). The reason why I joined the school was to have an ample time with my books and always prepare for my examinations in time. Unfortunately, I have not been constantly into my books as I have been spending most of my time partying in the campus and at time going to the movies. This has really dragged me down academically as I am very much behind in my syllabus coverage. So far, truly speaking my handling of class assignments has been very pathetic as most of my class assignments are either handed over the last or not handed over at all. This is really a bad thing as it might lead to punishments.

Secondly, my attentiveness and grooming have not been in the best to display and be proud of. First, occasionally, I have found myself inactive and dozing off during the lesson. This should actually be grouped as a crime because it is one of the factors that have kept me lagging behind in my academic matters. I can even remember a lecture calling out for me during a lesson because I had dozed off. This is something very negative and to be a good student I really need to change on it. On the other hand, my grooming has also not been the best to display. This I now understand because of various sessions I have had with my lectures, where they urge me to dress appropriately. I have really been a disappointment to myself and before it is too late, I will make a change.

It is never too late to make a crucial change in one’s life. Being the first six weeks in my university life have not portrayed the best in me, it does not mean I will give up. I have identified various points of weakness and I am very ready to make a change in them. This will ensure a smooth running of the remaining period until the day in graduate with the top honors.

I really want to promise that I am going back to my books. The sole responsibility is to study as hard as possible and attain the best grades. I have been lazy throughout this period and I want to change from that. The first thing I promise to do is to look for all the resources necessary to help me cover up the syllabus and to try make up for the lost time. I also want to make good use of my friends in class, those who are always attentive in class and engage in group discussions with them. I also want to ensure that my assignments are the first to be submitted.

The bad character of sleeping in class should be a jamais vu from now on as it has been pulling me back. Attention to the lecturer is now my focus as it will also help me in understanding the content. As a good student, I want to change on the way I dress. Grooming also shows the kind of person one is in the inside and I promise to show the best I can be. The Walden community entails a wide range of ethnic backgrounds joined together in an educational facility.

The university has various opportunities and activities one can engage in (Student organizations, 2016). I have always considered myself a good leader and I really want to engage in leading the people. I want to be part of the Phi Delta Kappa which will help me meet with the best leaders. The society will also help me to sharpen my skills in research as I believe it will engage me into various research activities. I also want to involve myself in playing chess with the best as the university has some of the best chess players. This will help me interact with the people and integrate me into the system. The university has the excellent use of the visual representation aside from the portfolios. The ones that have really made need a change in my life are the ones that pertain to social change. They schematically show most of the negatives one need to work on to succeed in life.

A promise will always be a debt and therefore I am indebted to myself. The choices we make in life form the basis of our differences and they define us, this is a choice am making for the better of the future. To fit in the dynamic world I thus need to blend in the system of the Walden University and inseparable to it.


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