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I just need help to paraphrase an rewrite the included essay.

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Religion is the base of any society because it has been found in all cultures in the past. Every religious person represents itself in a way that makes him or her special and unique. Religion is essential in human beings lives. It also teaches people to know the right path. Among all these religions, human beings have their own choice to choose their beliefs. Religion can be beyond ordinary people imagination, but it expends our modern outlook on the world. For every religion, there are many similarities and differences that we should take a look at.

When we talk about religions, we talk about beliefs and supernatural powers behind it. Religions have a lot in common that we can observe in our daily life basis, theoretically, sociologically, and practically. First common thing between religions that common people always follow religious people verbally because people need someone who can guide them to the right path. The theoretical expression is divided into two parts; myth and doctrine. Myth is a narrative part; it is not necessary true, but psychologically true. Doctrine, it is the later stage of the theoretical expression, which rationalizes inconsistencies in the myth o religion and explores various religious. Second, sociological expression, religion has always been social because most people practice their worship in groups, which give them the ability to know each other more. For instance, Muslims practice five prays everyday, they practice in-group, and they meet up with each other to enhance their relationship. Third, the practical expression, religions have their own worship to get in touch with eternal power. Moreover, Every religion has their own place for worship. Also, some religions believe in afterlife. They also share beliefs about sacrifices. For example, sacrificing of animals. All in all, religions still have more beliefs and activities they share in common.

As religions have something in common, they have differences as well. These differences. Therefore, I will mention some particle point, which make every religion special. Religions don’t share the same god or creator. For example, Islam has Allah where Buddhism doesn’t believe in god. Furthermore, some religions believe in one god such as Islam and Christianity where other religions believe in many such as Hinduism and Shinto. Although most religions believe in afterlife, every religion has their own theory and story about death and afterlife. For instance, Buddhism believes there is life after life, but Islam believes about one life after this life. In addition, religions practice their own worships in different ways. They try to present themselves in a perfect way, so their worships will be accepted. All these differences should make people learn about each other more than fight with each other.

In conclusion, the similarities between religions, it is one way to make people start learning about each other. There are a lot of religions spread around the world, but these religions might have the same origin. As long as we read about many religions, and go in depth, we will find out many similarities in beliefs and roots about how they started. On the other hand, the differences should teach people to respect each other. These differences are not the way to kill and treat each other meanly. These differences are for people to start thinking about each other beliefs, and it makes every religion unique.