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It is time to assign a workforce along with a marketing strategy to your plan. At the end, a presentation generally concludes with a look ahead, so that will be the last portion of the plan. (Attached is the powerpoint from previous assignments)- Company: Amazon

Create a 5-7 slides presentation using the speaker's notes section for your content and the slides for presentation purposes. Include the following information:

  1. Create a Marketing Plan
    1. Concentrate on the changes you will need to make for global promotion efforts. Can any of the current marketing efforts be kept? What type of marketing does your chosen global market respond to? What will not work well in your market that may work for your domestic marketing plan?
  2. Create a Human Resources Plan
    1. How will you handle staffing and recruitment activities? Turnover?
    2. How will you address the differences with Global HR needs?
  3. Conclusion forecasting what's next

Your presentation should be proofread for spelling and grammar. Your presentation slides should be concise.

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Attachment 1


Allyson M. Rush

Rasmussen College

December 6th, 2017


Vivid Image

Background History

E-Commerce Business

While expanding to a new operation, it is important to have a vivid image of the state that one wants to dwell in. The Company one chooses to work with must be willing and able to cooperate in order to gain numerous returns. Every firm has a background history that one may need to carry out a thorough check up. In this presentation I have chosen to work with an e-commerce business that is popularly known all over the universe for its online operations.


Brief Overview Of The Company 

Fortune Company

Corporate Structure


New Opportunities

Amazon is a fortune company that is based in Seattle and is viewed as one of the largest company that sells offerings via the internet (Cloud, 2011). Its corporate structure is outstanding since it has a slogan of always being customer centric. The firm is always ready to take up new opportunities and solve challenges within the company showing a sense of concern from management. The organization has great staff and is very keen on choosing the particular people whom should work in its firm (Huckman, Pisano, & Kind, 2008). It shows that the company likes maximum productivity hence making it dedicated in having the best out of all its elements.


Brief Description Of The Product 

Corporate Office




The product being introduced in this case is a corporate office that will be situated in Canada. In Vancouver, there are chances to grow a brand merged with Amazon (Cloud, 2011). The biggest advantage is that there is a large target market whereby products can never lack purchasers. Availability of workforce is also a great achievement. In order to land a great deal much investment will be outsourced. The biggest challenge will be the expenses that may be needed to cover for the new structure and also for marketing.


Environmental Analysis Of The Country





Strengths: entrepreneurial support from Canadian government, there is a constant niche that needs market growth, interlinked with powerful countries

Opportunity: has constant emerging markets especially when it comes to exports and international trading

Weaknesses: high dependency on US, has a fluctuating currency.

Emerging markets: since there is a high rate of exports in the country there is a chance of emerging markets.

Threats: There are high chances of stores being closed due to inflation rates. The dollar becomes too low at times to handle prices set up by stalls.


Specific Target Market



Large Target Market

First Months

As earlier mentioned in the presentation, our specific target market lies in Vancouver

Our basic reason for diversifying is to have more clients

The target market in this case is large since the area has quite a large population

It is our hope that we shall get our target group within the first few months.


Specific Target Market

Vancouver, Canada

Our Goal

Our Platform

Our specific target market lies in Vancouver, Canada since our new market will be established in this area. However since we are an online company, it is our hope that we shall attract a larger audience from other areas. A digital platform is quite diverse hence it is our hope that we shall get a new large market. Information from market research companies shall be included in the plan so as to have a platform while planning strategies. Developing interest in this target market has given the company hope of regaining its fame.


Plan For Entering Market

Wider Market

Vision and Mission

The Pros


Accessing this new market is supposed to make our market wide and also to bring in more revenue to the firm. Boosting the firm will enable it to expound its vision and mission. Basically our plan for entering the market is to utilize the following development strategies; advertising, public relations and promotions.


Plan For Entering Market


The Office


Our intended customers are versatile. The new office is meant to ensure that every client receives their products in a good state. In order to enter the market by full force, we plan on creating large banners and making offers for our new customers. This is a good way of making these news spread all over the area. This particular segment has the ability of doubling our revenue due to the kind government policies hence we shall ensure that all rules are followed to the latter. In order to penetrate we shall observe our competitors and know the ways of having a competitive advantage over them. The company executives shall be comprehensively included so that they may ensure that the process is easy to implement as planned.


Strategies For Entering Market

Target Market

New Plan

It is part of Amazon’s comprehensive market to tap in to their target market. This involves selling services and products in the new country. The new segment of our market is not aware of the plan and this should make them thrilled about the new plan. It is apparent that we shall penetrate through this new location by the use of ads and social media marketing. The strategy is to make people aware about our new products and services. It is our hope that with time we shall manage to tap this market within the shortest time possible.



High Returns

Business Growth

The offering we are planning to provide is expected to gain high returns. Amazon can be a great platform in ensuring that everything develops and grows as planned. Despite the weaknesses and challenges that will be faced in Canada, the team is determined to ensure that the business grows in to greater heights. Corporate business can be a major success if incorporated with online stalls. This is the idea that we are trying to implement in this case.


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