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 Anna and Bill own as tenants by the entireties a parcel of land known as  Greene Acres. Bill dies without a will, and thereafter, Anna deeds  Greene Acres to "my nephew Charlie, for so long as he lives at Greene  Acres." Charlie promptly builds a six-unit apartment building on Greene  Acres and lives in one of the apartment units for five years. Three  years after Charlie stops living at Greene Acres, Anna dies, leaving a  will that states, "I hereby devise all my right, title and interest in  Greene Acres to my niece Diane." At the time of Anna's death, three of  the apartment units at Greene Acres are vacant, and three of the units  are still rented by tenants Ed, Frank, and George, who each entered into  lease agreements with Charlie, while Charlie was still living at Greene  Acres. Anna was receiving the rent payments from Ed, Frank, and George  at the time of her death.

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