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1. Discuss conditions that lead to the birth of the discipline of sociology. In your discussion include

The conditions before and after the industrial revolution 

The two major factors introduced by 2 major early sociologists(comte and Durkheim) that shaped the focus and direction of sociology. 

2. Discuss three sociological theoretical, perspectives (structural functionalism, conflict, and symbolic interaction. for each theory explain 

a how each theory explains the social world from its unique point of view

b what each theory is capable of of explaining about the social world.

c. what each theory is not capable of explaining about the social world. 

3.  A. How do we do an experiment? include in your answers all the relevant research concepts and terminology. 


    b. How do we do a survey? Include in your answer all the relevant research concepts.


    c. How do we do observational studies/participant observation?

     d How do we use existing sources to conduct research. 

     e. List the advantages and disadvantages for each method. 

4. Is it important to use ethical means when doing research? why? Why not? Explain. Include in your answer 3 examples of research done using ethical means. 

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