Plant Research Term Project, Part 3: Superstitions, Folklore and Myths 40 points

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Now it is time to research the folklore, myths and stories that have built up around your chosen herb. This is fun and often very colorful, but has a serious side to it as well. To critically think, you must be able to separate entertaining and possibly traditional cultural practices from serious fact-based effectiveness.

Format for Plant Project, Part 3: This section will include the following and each of these should have headings bolded and underlined:

  • 1.Title Page including your name, date, chosen herb, and word count
  • 2.Short introduction
  • 3.Stories, Myths, Superstitions about your chosen plant
  • 4.Identify clearly the cultural origin of the story
  • 5.Reference citations
  • 6.Include  pictures as illustrations. Make sure they are integrated nicely in the text, not separate or all at the end. Also make sure they are an appropriate size.
  • 7.1500 words, include the word count please. -5 pts for no word count and ZERO for a false word count.
  • I
  • 40 points

Make sure to check your Turn it in score and see that it is less than 10%.

My herb is Garlic

Category: Arts & Education Subjects: Art Deadline: 24 Hours Budget: $60 - $90 Pages: 2-3 Pages (Short Assignment)