ML5-Barriers to Change

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As the change leader for Delta Pacific Company (DPC), you know you need to determine potential organizational barriers to change for the company's goal of changing the culture from the more traditional manufacturing environment to one of a contemporary consulting environment. Now it's time to create your strategy to combat barriers to change:

  • Assess the potential barriers to changing an      organizational culture
  • Analyze change strategies appropriate for this type of      change
  • Determine potential employee resistance behaviors
  • Determine the best way to influence employees in the      right direction

Since you are the change leader, it is your responsibility to consider that there will be organizational and human barriers to change. As part of your role, you should take proactive measures and design a change strategy to address potential barriers and resistance.

Conduct academic research and create a plan to present to the CEO and board in which you complete the following change strategy for barriers and resistance:

  • Explanation of potential organizational barriers that      are most likely to occur for this type of change.
  • Description of the employee resistance behaviors.
  • Explanation of your strategy to overcome the barriers      and resistance.
  • Discussion of your strategy recommendations to overcome      barriers and influence employees in the right direction.
  • Remember that this is a proposal. Make sure to format      your paper properly for your proposal. A proposal is a persuasive      document, so make sure to use proper language and tone. Remember, you are      the change leader, and you are writing to the CEO. So use a tone in your      proposal that is specific to your audience (the CEO). 

Include your APA-formatted reference page with at least two credible sources.

Category: Accounting & Finance Subjects: Finance Deadline: 12 Hours Budget: $120 - $240 Pages: 3-6 Pages (Medium Assignment)