what we learn in class

Open Posted By: taniatemoor Date: 14/08/2020 Academic Level: High School Paper Type: Dissertation & Thesis Writing

I need a paper on what I have learned in class. 

Reflect on the following and try to answer the following questions: 

What attitudes, skills, and concepts have you gained from these modules? 

What did you know before; what did you want to know; and what did you learn while working through these modules? 

What are some areas you feel like you can continue to improve?  What steps will you take to do so?

If there are any changes you would make to this course, what would they be and why?

we learned Run on's , subj. verb agreement, pronoun reference and point of view, pronoun atecent agreement we also learned how to properly write a paper in mla style, use references, write references in mla style. i learned how to format citations in mla paper. i need work on writting a more distinctive thesis statement and getting more familiar with mla style writting.

rubric is below to reference.

Category: Business & Management Subjects: Auditing Deadline: 12 Hours Budget: $120 - $240 Pages: 3-6 Pages (Medium Assignment)

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Midterm and Final Reflections

Excellent (25) Satisfactory (18) Needs Improvement (11)

Does Not Participate (0)

Analysis Personal reflection is exceptionally honest and insightful. Author makes every effort to explain and support points made.

Postings are quick statements with a slight by noticeable attempt made to explain or support them.

Postings are quick statements with no significant attempts made to explain or support them.

Does not include.

Improvement Addresses areas of improvement and provides evidence for this need. Identifies specific steps to take to improve in these areas.

Addresses some areas for improvement and offers some explanation of deficiencies, but does not offer specific steps to take.

Addresses some areas to improve but gives no explanation to support need.

Does not include.

Tone/Audience Awareness

Feedback acknowledges author’s viewpoints and actively attempts to engage in a thoughtful discussion.

Feedback is supportive, but does not engage with the details of the author’s original post.

Feedback is phrased in such a way that the original author might find it uncaring or offensive.

Does not include.

Writing Style Highly skilled presentation of ideas. Perhaps one or two minor editing mistakes.

Explicitly presents ideas. A few minor editing mistakes.

Able to present ideas, but several minor or a few serious editing mistakes.

Does not include.