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1. Define inclined plane and electrical board.

2.  List the four (4) physical knowledge criteria applied to science.

3.  Define each term:  intervening force; density; magnetism and chemical change.

4.  What is the main focus of physical science in preschool and kindergarten?

5.  Read the two examples of using inclined planes in a classroom.  Briefly describe how YOU can incorporate and use this information in a classroom.  Be specific by giving an age group, activity and how you can interject this knowledge into their exploration.

6.  Define each term:  pendulum; bob; and pulley.

7.  What is the goal in comparing pendulums?

8.  What can you do to make changing out the bob easier?

9.  What was the goal of the pendulum and pulley activity?  How was this goal accomplished?

10.  What is the purpose of a swinging sand pendulum?  What do children observe/learn from this type of pendulum? Can you think of an idea to use this type of pendulum in another area besides science?  For example, math, art, social studies, etc. 

11.  Define lintel and cantilever.

12.  What are the physical science concepts a child experiences with blocks?

13.  What is tinkering?

14.  List several ways water can be explored.

15.  Pick one of the inquiry topics on exploring physical science (tinkering; woodworking; waterworks).  Carefully read the section and then give an in-depth response to the topic by analyzing what you have read.  Tell how you could use this topic in a classroom.  Give specific information as to the age of the group you would use this activity with, specifics about the area (cooking, technology, etc) where you could use this topic and what your purpose for the topic would be.  As a final paragraph, note three (3) positive reflections on your part about the topic and three (3) negative reflections on your part about the topic. 

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