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Module 2 Discussion Question

Please complete the following for this Discussion:

  • Locate a credible scholarly or professional resource that addresses the needs of HRM in a multinational organization. Provide a summary analysis of this article regarding the concepts that this organization is using and its effectiveness. Please substantiate your perspectives through the use of internal and external resources of the course materials.

Additional Key Elements of the Assignment:

Your Initial Post should occur in a timely manner (by the third day of the module for full timeliness points). Include the original questions along with your initial, informative post. Support your post with information from at least one reference and provide complete source information (so that your peers can find the article if they wish). Bring in your own personal experiences, as applicable. 

Category: Accounting & Finance Subjects: Finance Deadline: 24 Hours Budget: $60 - $90 Pages: 2-3 Pages (Short Assignment)