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Book on ‘Travels Overseas’ 


Book Review, due in week 10 [3-5 pages]. Students will select (from the list below) a ‘book on travels’, and write a short paper about it. A book review guideline:

Each student will select from the list (below) a title that you would like to read and review. These titles portray perceptions about life, culture, and traditions in various regions of the world. These are insights, narratives of events seen through a foreigner's eye; and most notably, perceptions captured through the cultural lens of an American traveler. The majority of these books are non-fictional tales of travels providing a comprehensive "snap shop" into the past and contemporary life of these different locales. This activity aims at enriching our understanding of the cultural contrasts between “us” and “them”, which we will discuss at length during the course of the semester. Here is the list of some of these accounts: 




The Snow Leopard—Revised Edition. Peter Matthiessen

Factory Girls: From Village to City in a Changing China.
Leslie T. Change (2008)

Country Driving: A Journey Through China from Farm to Factory. Peter Hessler.

Behind the Beautiful Forevers. Katherine Boo

First Stop in the New World. David Lida

Circle K Cycles. Karen Tei Yamashita.

Running the Amazon. Joe Kane

The Art of Travel. Alain de Botton

The Innocents Abroad. Mark Twain.

Travels. Michael Crichton.

 The Sheltering Sky. Paul Bowles

The Language of the Land. James Stephenson.

The Sound of Language. Amulya Malladi

Bagdad Without a Map and Other Misadventures in 

Arabia. Tony Horwitz.

The Lady and the Monk: Four Seasons in Kyoto. Pico 


Falling off the Map: Some Lonely Places of the World. Pico Iyer. 

The Yellow Birds. Keven Powers.

Seven Years in Tibet. Heinrich Harrer 

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Book Review Guideline

Please include the following points/aspects in your 3-5 page Book Review.

First Paragraph:

• Author(s) or editor(s) first and last name(s) (please indicate if it is an edited book) • Title of book • Year of publication • Place of publication • Publisher • Why you chose this title

Body paragraphs:

• The intended audience for the book and who would find it useful • The background of the author • The context or impetus for the book: setting, style, purpose for writing • The main ideas and major objectives of the book and how these are accomplished • Dominant themes with reference to specific chapters as appropriate; and implications of the book for our course • How these main ideas/themes are connected to the themes and topics addressed in International Engagement

(INST 110i)

Conclusion paragraph:

• Constructive comments about the strength and weaknesses of the book (from your perspective)--conclusion


• All references should be made in-text, rather than as footnotes or endnotes • These references should take the following form: (Smith 1999) • To cite a particular page number, the reference should be in the following form: (Smith 1999, 27)