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Explain and compare  in a powerpoint  the characters in the two tv shows comparing to the characters in Comedia `delArte. 

Explain how the two tv shows characters resemble the characters in Comedia `delArte.

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Examples of the characters in Comedia `delArte:



References on the two tv shows from the discussion:

How Comedia `delArte characters are Present in Modern Television Comeda



Growing Pains

Growing pains was one of the best Tv sitcoms that were sold worldwide on ABC during the period 1985 to 1992. It encompasses a life of a happily married couple by name; Jason and Maggie. Alan Thicke and Joanna kerns are identified to be the couple’s seaver. Maggie decided to be a journalist at her pre-motherhood career while Jason was a psychiatrist and accompanied its values in his family. At first we are introduced to an early focus on the parents, and lately, we are introduced to Kirk Cameron’s mike as the main face in this series.


Mike and Ben often made fun of Carol for being overweight, and this made her more offended. Tracey Gold too had this disorder and even goes to the extent of leaving the show to get treatment for anorexia. Kirk Cameron gets saved, and a controversy emerges as he requests for change in scripts, for instance, Julie, a family’s nanny had to fire as a result of her past appearance in Playboy.

Some of the characters present in Growing pains tend to represent Alcoholic parents. After Luke joins the family, Jason has a perception that he drank the alcohol from the wine cabinet. He pours the wrath by dumping it down on in the sink in a notion that his stepfather used to beat him after the demise of his mother and this echoed to be the reason as to why he ran away from home. In Comedia ‘delArte” the same incident takes place, its brought about by Columbina who acts as the only female servant. Tracey Gold leaves the show as a result of her condition of being obese. In the comedia, Gros-Guillaume who is referred to as “Fat William” is comically obese and appreciates his condition. He hangs out with others more comfortably. Even if some of the characters make fun of him, he never gets offended. His esteem is an epitome to watch.

In season3, episode 10 the Growing pain, “This is Your Life” episode; we meet the savears where life is all just a dream. Mike once prepared a cheat note on the soles of his shoes for a test intention. He qualified to cheat, but by bad luck, the teacher notices he used the notes to cheat. We see him explaining this to his parents and the teacher.  Cheating never prospers as he seats on the same test while barefoot and fails on the same. In the comedia, the young lovers – Inamorati seem to have a high status in the society. They are serious in this play, have good morals at no occasion do they cheat on one another. Precisely, they are only one who does not wear masks.

Growing pains: http://tvtropes.org/pmwiki/pmwiki.php/Series/GrowingPains#



Modern family

In contrast to the characters who are present in the Commedia dell’ Arte, there are some who are awesome like Haley Dunphy who is a typical teenager. His character is to be emulated throughout the scenes. Pritchett- Delgado family is jovial and full of jokes just like II Captiano who is fond of intimidating people in the town, for instance, his warrior. He is ever overdressed and colorful like Many Delgado in the Delgado family. Tucker- Pritchett family has some violence that revolves around in the scene like for the case of the Manny Delgado, who mean-spirited and coarse at all times. we get to know more traits of the characters as the scenes get better.


Modern family: http://tvtropes.org/pmwiki/pmwiki.php/Characters/ModernFamily









Growing Pains




Modern Family  




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