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For this assignment, you will submit your topic in advance to your instructor for review. This step helps your instructor identify any concerns with your topic before you develop an entire speech. View Assignment 3 
Submit Topic in Blackboard
After you select a topic, you must submit it to the instructor.
Click the Assignment 3: Topic Selection link above. Then click Start Submission to enter your topic selection or upload an attachment in .doc or .docx format. Include the topic and any relevant information your instructor should consider when approving your topic choice.
Reminder: To receive credit for the topic selection, you must submit it by the assigned due date. This step is only required for Assignment 2 and Assignment 3.

Category: Accounting & Finance Subjects: Finance Deadline: 24 Hours Budget: $60 - $90 Pages: 2-3 Pages (Short Assignment)

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Assignment 3: Persuasive Speech Five items worth 316 points total:

Assignment Item Due Date Points Topic Selection Week 6 12 Outline Week 7 20 Visual Aid Week 7 20 Speech (7-8 min.) Week 8 210 Self and Peer Review Video Upload (Question 1 answer – link in Week 9)

End of Week 8 --

Self and Peer Review: Assignment 1 (Complete evaluations)

End of Week 9 54

TOTAL 316 By now, you’ve learned how to develop, research, and organize a speech in addition to gaining confidence as a speaker. For your third assignment, you’ll put all of these skills to good use by preparing and delivering a researched, persuasive speech. Persuasive speaking is challenging, because the goal is to create, reinforce, or change people’s beliefs or actions. Your success will depend on your ability to adapt your speech to the audience and to support your message with credible resources. Visual Aid: This assignment also requires the use of a visual aid. A PowerPoint template is provided for you to complete and use during your speech delivery. NOTE: You may choose to create your own PowerPoint and not use the provided template. Instructions: In order to obtain full credit for this assignment, please complete all seven steps below. You may want to print this assignment and check off each step as you complete it.

You should use at least two quality resources (as defined by your instructor). STEP 1: Read Assigned Chapters

q Ensure you have completed chapter readings for all previous weeks. This information will help you successfully complete Assignment 3.

q Chapter 16: Speaking to Persuade. This chapter provides information on the three types of persuasive speeches and how to organize them.

q Chapter 17: Methods of Persuasion. This chapter provides strategies for building credibility, using evidence and reasoning, and appealing to emotions.

STEP 2: Select a Topic (due Week 6)

q Select a type of persuasive speech from one of the three types listed below. Choose your own topic that is different from the provided examples.

q Submit your topic to your instructor by Week 6 for approval.

Types of Persuasive Speeches (Choose only one type, then choose your own topic that differs from the examples.)

Persuasive Speeches on Questions of Fact Topic Examples:

• An earthquake of 9.0 or above will hit California within the next ten years • The plays attributed to William Shakespeare were not actually written by him

Persuasive Speeches on Questions of Value Topic Examples:

• Capital punishment is morally and legally wrong • Bicycle riding is the ideal form of land transportation

Persuasive Speeches on Questions of Policy Topic Examples:

• The U.S. Congress should pass legislation curbing the spread of phony pharmaceuticals

• Action is required to deal with the problem of childhood obesity • The city should build a rapid bus system instead of a new highway

STEP 3: Create an Outline and Visual Aid (due Week 7)

q Create an outline or speaking notes in Microsoft Word. A sample template is available in the “Assignment 3: Outline” section located in Week 7 of your course.

q Develop a specific purpose, central idea, and several main points so you'll stay within the 8-minute time limit.

q Go to the Week 7 Assignment 3: Outline section and upload your outline. STEP 4: Create a Visual Aid (due Week 7)

q Create a visual aid in Microsoft PowerPoint. A sample template is available in the “Assignment 3: Visual Aid” section located in Week 7 of your course.

q Develop an engaging visual aid that helps add to your persuasive speech (remember, limit the amount of text on each slide to avoid reading from the screen).

q Go to the Week 7 Assignment 3: Visual Aid section and upload your visual aid. STEP 5: Deliver, Record, and Upload Your Speech (due Week 8)

q Refer to your outline or speaking notes to deliver your speech. Do not read your notes word for word. Make sure you record your speech delivery with a computer, phone, or tablet. This assignment uses the Kaltura Desktop Recording App and not the Webcam Recorder. Please refer to the specific instructions provided in the Blackboard. For help recording and uploading your speech, go to the “Kaltura Media and Webcam Recorder Help” link located in the Help/Resources tab (left-hand navigation bar in Blackboard)!

q Watch your recording. Do you want to submit it, or do you want to record another version?

q Proceed directly to Step 6 to upload your speech for review. NOTE: This step MUST be completed by the end of Week 8 to avoid losing points on the “Self and Peer Review: Assignment 3” assessment. If you do not submit your speech for review by the Submission Dates deadline, you will not be eligible to receive points for the “Self and Peer Review: Assignment 3” assessment.

STEP 6: Go to Week 9 “Self and Peer Review: Assignment 3” and Create Link to Your Submitted Speech Video [Complete immediately after Step 5 above]

q Click on Week 9 in Blackboard. Scroll and select “View/Complete Assessment” link under the “Self and Peer Review: Assignment 3” section.

q To share a link to your recording of Assignment 3: Persuasive Speech, click on the "Question 1" link.

q Choose "Mashups" in the toolbar and click the button. (If the "Mashups" option is not visible, click the double arrows icon on the far right of the toolbar that says "Show More.")

q Select "Kaltura Media" from the list. q Find the name of the video you wish to share and click "Select" on the right-hand side. q Your video link should appear. Click on “Submit” to complete. Success!

STEP 7: Complete Self and Peer Review: Assignment 3

q Go to the Week 9 “Self and Peer Review: Assignment 3” section. q Scroll and select “View/Complete Assessment” link. q You will see three student speeches listed (one is your own). Click on the individual

name of the student you wish to review, watch the embedded speech recording, and then complete the assessment for each. As you answer each question, click the “Save and Next Criteria” button. After the final question, click the “Save and Submit” button. You can edit your answers any time before the Evaluation End Date shown (after this date, your answers are locked and cannot be edited).

q As you complete each review, the status will change from “Not Started” to “Complete.” Continue the process for all three submissions. Each submission is worth 18 points total.

Rubric Grading for this assignment will be based on the following rubric: Points: 210 Assignment 3: Persuasive Speech

Criteria Unacceptabl e

Below 60% F

Meets Minimum

Expectations 60 - 69% D

Fair 70 - 79% C

Proficient 80 - 89% B

Exemplary 90 - 100% A

1. Visual Aid Weight: 10%

None developed or used

Generally cluttered, distracting and/or not used effectively

Somewhat cluttered, distracting and/or used somewhat effectively

Simple, clear, and generally used effectively

Simple, clear, and used effectively

2. Introduction Weight: 10%

Does not gain attention and interest, and/or does not preview main points

Insufficiently gains attention and interest or insufficiently previews main points

Some problems with gaining attention and interest and/or with previewing main points

Gains attention and interest, generally previews main points

Gains attention and interest, previews main points

3. Research Weight: 10%

Does not cite any credible sources, and/or insufficiently supports main points

Cites only one credible source, insufficiently supports at least one main point

Cites at least two credible sources, but lacks support for at least one main point

Cites at least two credible sources that generally support main points

Cites at least two credible sources that support main points

4. Methods of Persuasion Weight: 10%

No methods used

One method used ineffectively

One method used somewhat effectively multiple times

One or more methods used effectively multiple times

One or more methods used effectively throughout

5. Conclusion Weight: 10%

Does not reinforce central idea, and/or does not use strong closing

Insufficiently reinforces central idea or uses weak closing

Some problems with reinforcing central idea and/or with using strong closing

Reinforces central idea, uses generally strong closing

Reinforces central idea, uses strong closing

6. Speech Organization Weight: 10%

Limited or no organization, and/or limited or no logical structure

Insufficiently organized or insufficiently structured

Some problems with organization and/or with logical structure

Well organized, generally logical structure

Well organized, logical structure

7. Time Requirement Weight: 10%

7-8 minutes +/- 75 seconds

7-8 minutes +/- 60 seconds

7-8 minutes +/- 45 seconds

7-8 minutes +/- 30 seconds

7-8 minutes +/- 15 seconds

8. Delivery Weight: 10%

Very little/ no eye contact, no expressive voice, unnatural gestures

Insufficient eye contact, limited expressive voice and/or unnatural gestures

Average eye contact, some expressive voice, minimally distracting gestures

Good eye contact, generally expressive voice and natural gestures

Strong eye contact, expressive voice, and natural gestures

9. Technology Use Weight: 10%

Limited or no audio, video, and/or other technology

Problems with clarity and consistency throughout

Some problems with clarity and consistency

Generally clear and consistent

Clear and consistent throughout

10. Overall Effectiveness Weight: 10%

Doesn’t connect with audience or achieve purpose

Limited connection with audience, doesn’t fully achieve purpose

Connects somewhat with audience, partially achieves purpose

Generally connects with audience and achieves purpose

Connects well with audience and achieves purpose